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Sandesh Shrestha

Sandesh Shrestha Asked 11 years ago

How do I return the backhand penhold side-back spin serve? It's really difficult and i need help. Please answer soon.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Sandesh,

It is also important to watch where the ball is going off your bat.  This will give you vital information to be able to make the return. 

You have two types of spin to counter here.  The sidespin will take the ball sideways off the table and the backspin will take the ball down.  So the return will go down and to the side.  To counter that you need to face your bat up and to the opposite side.

Use your bat like a rudder to steer the ball back onto the table.  It will take time to get it right, but by watching what is happening to the ball, you will improve quickly.

We are currently working ono our Receiving Secrets DVD which will be available on our site.  This will give you some good visual images to help you as well. 

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