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paul asedilla

paul asedilla Asked 11 years ago

hi ! 

can i ask you coach some question?

well i likely look at your forum and i can see that there are so many comments.. but then in the part that about the sidespin return.. im allergy on that.. all my opponents put the sidespin on my backhand and im not able to push it because the ball bounces out.. its very difficult for me to score.. im very allergy on sidespin serve.. i really dont know what position or angle of my backhand that i may hit the sidespin correctly.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Paul,

To get a ball back that has sidespin you need to just use the angle of your own racket to counter the sidespin. 

If the sidespin is dragging the ball to the left, then you need to face your bat more towards the right and vice versa. 

This is well explained in our Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD.  This shows you the effect of spin and also how to recognise spin.

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