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D K Asked 6 years ago

Hello PingSkills Team

I have seen a video of Joo Sae Hyuk clashing with Ryu Seung Min,the Last Japanese penholder.


Joo lost terribly,although I think he did not play at his fullest.

I think he will lost anyway,but I think he would win some sets.

But if he should win fully,how should he play?

I just ask because I feel like him in many matches.

I feel like chopper vs. chopperkiller.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi DK,

I think he needs to attack a lot with his forehand against Ryu because Ryu has such a strong topspin against chop.

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D K Posted 6 years ago

Ryu is said to have a 100% horizontal loop.

He seems to smash even the lowest chops.

I dont think it would help.....Yes,an option,but Joo is not fast enough and his strongest attacks are just a warming up for Ryu

Although I do not like Ruwen Filus,a German defender,I think that not like Joo,he was able to temporarily dominate Ryu.

I consider him weaker than Joo,but he can use his longpips more offensively.

About Joo-as his forehand,despite being strong,is no match for Ryu.
Is there any overall strategy against such a non-balanced player like Ryu?

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