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George Maiakis

George Maiakis Asked 11 years ago

Hello coach.Your videos were helpful to improve my game.I really enjoy table-tennis even if I am not a professional.So here is my question. I'm serving the ball to my opponent and then we do a "rally"....but unfortunately for me, the ball has orbit straight out of the table...

If my opponent touch the ball with his bat or hand, or grab it with his hand only,in order so we don't have to chase it...

It's mine point or not?

P.S. We are playing table tennis in a hall (Billiard club) witch contains more games (darts etc.) and not in a open field (because in camps here in Greece there are many tables in open fields :)

Thanks a lot...I'm waiting for your answer

Your's Sincerly




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi George,

The simple rule is that if you touch the ball before it has bounced and before it goes past the table then you lose a point. 

But if you touch the ball after it goes past the table then it is your point because the ball is already out. 

It is always the first mistake that counts.  So in this case the first mistake was that your opponent hit it off the table.  Therefore it is your point.

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