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Thomas Unknown

Thomas Unknown Asked 12 years ago


My name is Thomas. I have a butterfly pre-asambled bat with a wakaba rubber. The bat is really light, exactly what i wanted, but i'm very disappointed with the rubber. I can loop with it, but it's throwing angele is very very low so i should be much faster to create the effect i want.

I want a rubber for top spins, looping. I tried a butterfly sriver g2 fx rubber, but that was very fast. So I thought I will need a rubber to be more spinnier then fast. Like 60%-40%. My gamestyle: a lot of spin, close to medium distance to table, my smashes are not so powerfull.

Sugestions, please.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Thomas,

The pre-assembled bats tend to have good control rubbers as they are meant for players just starting out who need to be able to control the ball first.

As far as a next rubber, you can't go past the basic rubbers like Mark V.  They give you a good combination of control, spin and speed.  The other rubber that I have found useful is Yasaka Pryde.

There are plenty of rubber son the market.  Look for something with numbers that suggest it has good control and not too much speed.

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