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richard rocca

richard rocca Asked 9 years ago

I play one of my friends and he has a very strong serve, it is spinning and bending violently and no matter what i try it keeps going in all directions rather than the table, he gains a lot of points this way, how can i neutralise this?

Thanks Richard

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Richard,

Watch the way that the ball is going off your bat.  If it is always going the same way, he is probably doing the same serve.  If however it is moving off your bat in different directions, then he is probably changing serves.

Whatever is happening, try to watch the reaction off your bat.  This will indicate the type of spin on the ball.  If the ball flies off to the right you need to angle the face of your bat to face the left.  Don't move your bat as the ball is hitting it.  Just provide the angle of your bat for the ball to hit. Keep adjusting your angle till the ball starts to go back straight.  Don't try to make things any more complicated than that.

We have a Course designes to help you with this.  Take a look at the Receiving Secrets Course to see what is available.

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