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Chayan  Kochar

Chayan Kochar Asked 5 years ago


I am having a lot of difficulty in returning the serve of one of my friends.  He serves some sort of corkscrew spin serve i think using backhand which I am unable to return neither in singles nor in doubles.  His serve is low fast and having appreciate amount of spin.  Whenever I try to hit it it goes way up or out of the table.  Your advice will be helpful.

If the serve would have been a bit bouncy I could have tried some hits which is not the case.

Moreover I am not good at returning with topspin, in fact I am trying but facing problem while attacking with topspin even in middle of a game.

Keenly waiting for advice.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Chayan,

It sounds like you need to push the serve back at this stage.  If the ball is only bouncing once on your side then you should keep working on trying to topspin the return.  If the topspin is going out work on brushing the ball more to get more spin.  This will bring the ball down.

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