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tejas kumbhar

tejas kumbhar Asked 10 years ago


I have a problem with my serve return.When returning a low,long fast serve i end up lobbing it up to the opponent for an easy smash.How do you return such a serve effectively? Also how do you read and respond to a short spinning serve from the opponent.Please suggest a practice drill for this that can be done alone if possible.

Thank You.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Tejas,

WHen they serve long and fast you need to play a topspin stroke.  This will be more difficult for them to make an attacking shot off.  If they are doing it often, then take a small step away from the table so that you have a little more time.

To return a short spinning serve it is first a matter of understanding the spin.  This is a long process.  We go through this very thoroughly in our Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD.  Especially if you are practicing alone this will help you to get the concepts right.  It is very difficult to practice return of serve by yourself because the best teacher is doing it repetitively.

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