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Salman Razi

Salman Razi Asked 7 years ago

Hi Jeff & Alois,

I read it in your Question section that any long serve is an invitation for the loop and I like to incorporate in my game fully.

1. Where would you contact the ball(at the height of the bounce or let the ball descend and pass table or in between) for following scenarios?

  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin Right
  • Side Spin Left

2. I learn to loop topspin and back spin serves by looking at your videos..... but what is the best way to loop side spin(right) + different variation of top spin with it & side spin (left) + diff variation of top spin with it (forehand and backhand both). I have seen Jeff video where he smashes the side spin long serve with a back hand but I believe it was only for left side spin......Do you loop right or left spin differently? what should be the bat angle? Do you have any video where you have loop especially side spin serve with your forehand? or any directions on that

To make the long story short how do you loop "side spin(left)+topspin" and "side spin(right)+topspin" long serves with your forehand and as well as backhand? because anytime if I am not sure of the loop becuase of the side spin I go for chop and the chop just pops it up... is there any other better way for playing a defense shot for those serves if you are not looping

if you already have a video or some visual presentation that would be awesome. :)

Thanks a bunch

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Salman,

You should try to topspin any long ball.

If you brush the ball finely and fast you will get the ball spinning in the direction you want it to. For each spin you can change the angle of your racket slightly as well.  Think about the basic principle of spin returns that we show you in the lesson on Receiving Principles and how to angle your bat appropriately.

Then make a topspin stroke at the ball.

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