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eugene lu

eugene lu Asked 8 years ago

Hi pingskills,

I am having a real trouble returning this serve. Not that I'm not use to the spin, but he usually serves long, fast and deep into my backhand and making me play an awkward shot. I know, you said serving long all the time will soon be ineffective. But I don't see my partner having problems. He serves this serve to me all the time but still effective.

Because he always hit it long, I can make an attacking stroke. But since he always hit it into my backhand and my backhand topspin is weak, I can only do counterhits on My backhand side. So I decided to pivot. But because he serves it fast, I can't move into position quick enough and still have to lean back. Then I decided to move a little more to the backhand side to provide more space and time for me to pivot, but then he serves it down the line to my forehand and I was wrong footed again. And another thing is that he is using the backspin/no spin variation effectively. He does it fast with extra movement and can't see it. So I don't know whether I should lift it out come forwards. Please help me pingskills.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Eugene,

You need to focus on working on your backhand topspin against backspin.  It may take a few months of work but it will be worthwhile.  Otherwise you will always be caught by a good fast serve to your backhand side.

Take a look at the lesson on the Backhand Topspin Off Backspin.  This will form the base of your ability to return this long serves to the backhand side.

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eugene lu

eugene lu Posted 8 years ago

Yes I have watched this video over and over but still  get the technique right. I keep hitting the net. Now, I gave up on trying to master this stroke and use the block and punch instead. It's much easier and more consistent

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