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Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas Asked 6 years ago

Hi Jeff and Alois,

I recently got pummeled and realized, I have no response to fast serves or topspin shots to my backhand.

I'm a right handed-shakehand player, so I'm constantly hitting at too hard an angle and the ball goes sailing to the right.

Since my practice buddy uses a long sidespin serve that breaks to the inside, it's really to find the timing and footwork?


What should I try in practice to shore this up?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Frank,

Try to shorten the stroke on the backhand when the ball is coming faster.  You may be trying to do too much with the stroke which will mean you run out of time.

Also think about making a small adjustment with your legs to get behind the ball.  You can either move your feet sideways quickly or just start wit a wide base with your legs and transfer your weight to your left leg so that your body moves to the left and you get behind the ball on contact.

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