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martin Law

martin Law Asked 11 years ago

Hi, i've got problem returning a side-topspin serve. When the ball is in the middle, not too close to the net and not bouncing off the table, I don't know how to return it. If I flick , it end up hitting the net. Can you give advice on this? And is it possible to flick a heavy backspin serve when it is in the middle off the table and its low?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Martin,

I would continue to flick this return but think about the angle of your bat.  If the ball is going into the net, then open the angle of your bat more.  You can also think about waiting till the ball is at the top of the bounce so you get a bigger margin for error over the net.

It is possible but difficult to flick a heavy backspin serve. You are better off to push it back short.  This will give your opponent a difficult ball to deal with and try to attack. 

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yong chen

yong chen Posted 10 years ago

Oh ya Alois why is a heavy backspin short ball much harder to flick?n how do i improve my receive with my opponent serve those balls?

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