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Takahiro Unknown

Takahiro Unknown Asked 15 years ago

You've made a great video on returning a spin ball by performing a more vertical stroke. But what about a spin ball that bounces very close to the net, and low to the table? The table itself will physically restirct the stroke and cause you to either return the ball too low or give your apponent a nice and easy bouncer to pummel. Any advice? In a more broader context, I'm facing some opponents who have pretty unexpected strokes and plenty of side/back spin. What should my attitude be? Spin it back or go for some longer, deeper balls?


Secondly, how do you do a short serve - whats the proper way?


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 15 years ago

Hi Takahiro,

Great questions and thanks for the feedback on the videos. When an opponent returns the ball short, you are right, you cannot play a full blooded attacking stroke. You need to either return the ball short with a push, or flick the ball. You can check out our video lessons on the push which include a brief discussion about pushing short.

Backhand Push Video Lesson

Forehand Push Video Lesson

With your opponents, your attitude really depends on your style. If you are an attacking player, then I would recommend that you try and topspin back and balls that are long whether they have sidespin, backspin or topspin. It takes a lot of practice to be consistent but once you can make these shots regularly, it really puts a lot of pressure back on your opponent.

And with regards to the serve, we are in the process of making a DVD which you can pre-order which will go into great detail about how to serve short. If you pre-order now from our online store you can save a massive 50% of the normal price.

Good luck with your Table Tennis and let us know if the pushing videos helped you.

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