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Rey Gomez

Rey Gomez Asked 10 years ago

I've been wondering how to effectively and consistently return Pendulum serves, without putting yourself in a bad position. I'm left-handed and use the Shakehand grip. Most of the time, I compete with opponents that put backspin or sidespin on their Pendulum serves. Please teach me how to return these serves effectively.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Rey,

Firstly it is important to get close to the ball because the ball is curving away from you.  I like to think about getting my nose close to the ball.  Then have a relaxed hand so that you absorb some of the spin and speed on the ball.  The spin will take the ball away to your right so angle your bat to face towards the left.  How much you angle it that way will depend on the amount of sidespin that they are putting on the ball.

Next you need to deal with the backspin.  If there is a lot of backspin you need to face your bat more upwards.  If there is less backspin you can flatten out the bat so that it is facing more towards the net.

This combinations of angles will enable you to get the ball back on the table.  It is always a matter of experience as well.  The more you return these serves the better you will get.  Really watch every time you hit the return where the ball goes.  Even, or especially, if it misses the table.

We also have a Course on Receiving Secrets which you can access as part of the Premium Membership deal that I think will also help you.

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