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Nick Trusiewicz

Nick Trusiewicz Asked 8 years ago

I have an opponent who often sends me high backspin balls.

If I try to push, it goes off the table. If I try to smash, it goes into the net. I can't do a loop to reverse the spin, I am not good enough to do that. It is really frustrating!

Is there an effective counter to this, or should I just continue to try to develop my loop and wait the ball out until it comes down more?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Nick,

This is always a difficult ball.  The key is to put a little topspin on your shot and lift it because the backspin will drag the ball into the net even though it is that high.  Often players don’t get into a good position to make the shot either and try to hit it from too far in front of their bodies.  So get yourself close to the table and still topspin the ball and see how that works.

For our Premium members we also have a couple of Ask the Coach video responses about this shot.

High backspin close to net

Smash/Topspin High Chopped Ball

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