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Rama Camatchee

Rama Camatchee Asked 9 years ago

Hi Coach ,

I have trouble to return this side spin topspin serve especially when it comes short to my forehand.

If it comes to my far right , I will use a forehand soft topspin or block but the ball goes out of the table.  It is quite difficult for me to turn the face of the racket to the right to counter the effect.

When it is in the middle of the table I use my backhand (turn my racket face to the right) . It works fine and counter the side spin but the ball goes up as in the video and the opponent simply make a kill shot.

Do you have a video on how to receive this serve or else can you give us some hints.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Rama,

This can be an awkward return to make because the ball is curving away from you.  Try to get your body close to the ball.  This will give you a bit more flexibility with your hand and arm to get the right angle on the bat.  You do need to bend your wrist back to get the angle right.

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