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Rama Camatchee

Rama Camatchee Asked 8 years ago

Dear Coach,

I thought that my service return of heavy and low Backhand Long backspin serve is fine until I practiced against a Section 1 player last Sunday. He had tonnes of spin on it and very low over the net and the ball goes long to my backhand corner (long ball). It was basically each time a 2 points for him as it goes to the net.

Let's assume that we do not receive the serve with a Topspin which to me at my level will be too hard against this spin.

I would like to have a safe return with a backhand backspin relatively low , over the net and a long ball to his backhand with some backspin on it (and not a simple push) .

What is the best timing for me receiving the ball.

1) Just after the bounce (meaning on the table edge of just after but it would have tonnes of spin)

2) At its maximum point (most likely 10 cm to 30 cm off the table)

3) At its descend(somewhere at or just below table level height ) say 40-50 cm from table and by then there is no spin

Should the contact point on my racket be from mid to upper part of my racket or lower to mid part or edge of my racket ( for more spin).

I have heard that strong players receive short balls just after the bounce and I applied it long balls too but does not work for me.

Thank you



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Rama,

Ideally it is best to take the ball early to give them less time.  However if you are finding this too difficult at the moment, take a step back and do a full chop like we show to in the lesson on the Backhand Chop.  Try to get as much backspin and depth on the placement as you can.

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