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ric Life

ric Life Asked 2 years ago

What is the purpose of bending forward before receiving the serve. I am assuming that bending forward helps me to effectively use my strokes. Sometimes, I noticed that I would be standing upright prior to my forehand loop. I surmised I was not leaning forward prior to the serve. I do have my feet shoulder width apart and my knees are slightly bend. However, I observed that many of the top table tennis players lean forward - why? Also, sometimes I bend my knees and I get the impression that I am about to squat or getting ready to sit in a chair.  Am I misunderstanding the knees bending?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Ric,

Bending the knees is a good start.  The main thing you are looking for is how to be ready to move and remain balanced through the rally.

Bending forward helps you to transfer the weight onto the front of your feet which allows you more opportunity to jump and bounce into the next stroke.

The feeling of sitting is a good one.  That is roughly what it should feel like however you should still feel like you are able to move quickly from that position.  If you are too low then you may feel stuck.

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