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Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Asked 5 months ago

Hi coaches!

I still haven't found my "own" racket. I like very powerful off+ blades. And I like the rubber dhs hurricane3 (2.2 mm) very much. For example, I had Stiga CC7 off+ blade and there was hurricane rubber with max thickness on the blade. I liked it very much. Because with it could do very powerful forehand loops and very spinny pushes and good blocks. It was not easy to ruturn them. Even some top players in our club struggled against me. But it was very heavy. I couldn't do backhand topspins, couldn't do wrist movements especially topspins over the table and i couldn't react some fast balls.

Now I am playing with a light racket. My backhand topspins became better, but other strokes became worse. My opponents can return my forehand loops, blocks and pushes easily.

What do you suggest? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 months ago

Hi Ardak,

I think some compromise is what is required.  The rubber you are using is natural heavy so if you can find a very light blade that might help.  You could try a Balsa blade.

Other readers may have some good suggestions for you as well.

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Thoughts on this question

Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Posted 5 months ago

Thank you coach! In some reviews  it is said that  balsa wood doesn't generate good spin. Is it true? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 months ago

I think Balsa is OK for generating spin.

Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Posted 5 months ago

Thank you, coach! 

Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 4 months ago

Balsa has some catapult effect that might actually help you getting those hard and rather "dead" chinese rubbers more lively. The downside of a light blade fitted with heavy rubbers is that it becomes very nose-heavy. Some like it though, but be careful with your wrist.

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