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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 7 months ago

I have been using the standard push stroke a while now and quite used to it, but lately i've been hearing about the short push.

From my understanding, even though the short push stroke is SHORTER and they don't really slice the ball as much as the regular long push, however the short push they are able to return the ball with a lot of backspin (more than a long push) - sometimes even making the ball bounce 2-3 times and come back towards the player.

So how is the correct way to short push and how do they generate so much backspin on this stroke?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Aaron,

The short push usually doesn't have as much spin but because it is slower the ball can come back easier.

They generate the backspin by the angle of their racket and a short jabbing action at the ball.  I wouldn't focus too much on the spin initially but focus on getting the angle of your racket right under the ball and allowing the angle to generate the spin for you.

For our Premium members we have a tutorial on The Push in Detail which covers the short push.


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