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Apurva Chakravarty

Apurva Chakravarty Asked 12 years ago

Hello Alois and Jeff,

I was wondering how to keep my pushes low and effective in backspin. I understand that the contact point of the ball and the racket makes a difference but sometimes, the pushes end up too high and the opponent ends up smashing it for a point. Any advice?

Thank you, in advance


Apurva . C 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Apurva,

To get this better, use a strong across the net during your practice like we show in the lesson on Keeping The Ball Low.  If you can't set that up then just in training aim to clip the top of the net with your pushes.  Don't be worried if they go into the net sometimes as this means you are starting to get the ball lower more consistently.

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