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James Savelli

James Savelli Asked 11 years ago


 I appreciate all your videos. They effectively demonstrate the wide variety of techniques and strategies required to become a proficient table tennis player.

 One thing I would like to know is do you have some sort of progression chart that demonstrates a continuum in learning table tennis skills?

 For example, what skills to start with and where to move from there.

I have watched many/most of your videos on youtube, and a chart or checklist would help me know which videos are more fundamental and which ones are more advanced (and build on the fundamental skills).




Hamilton, Canada

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi James,

Thanks for the query.  We have tried to set out the lessons in levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The Bronze lessons are our starters and things we think are fundamental to get right first of all.  Then to progress to the silver and Gold. 

These aren't a formal progression so I think your suggestion is a good one.  Certainly though yo could start with the Bronze and progress for now. 

Thanks for your encouragement and kind words. 

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