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Shailaja Gohad

Shailaja Gohad Asked 6 years ago


As I can't see contact point of ball & racket because he is hiding it. I am not able to understand effect of service. So that ball goes heighted & then it's very easy to finish ball for opponent. How to understand effect of service? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Shailaja,

First you should be able to see the contact otherwise it  is an illegal serve.

If there is no umpire and that is what you are faced with then watch the flight of  the ball and also the rest off the action of  the service which will give you clues.

The flight will change depending on the spin.  Sidespin will curve in the air.  Topspin will dip and backspin will  float.  The differences are very subtle and only learned with experience.

Our Receiving Secrets lessons will help with this as well.

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