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loee k

loee k Asked 8 years ago

Hi coaches

Coach i am left hander. I have problem in backhand blocking.  When I gave ball extreme forehand  and right hander play drive on my backhand.  I alway miss it.  I am a good attacker but some time I must play right handers extreme forehand. Coach when I gave him ball and I know he play drive on my back hand I am mentally ready for blocking, however I can't block.  What do for this error?Do I have a fault in my footwork? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Loee,

This can be a difficult ball for a left hander.  The ball is coming in at an angle and if you try to block that ball down to their backhand, will mean you have to play across the line of the ball.

It is easiest if you try to hit this block straight track to their forehand.  However this also means it goes back to their forehand side which they may be able to attack with.

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loee k

loee k Posted 8 years ago

Thanks coaches I will try and tell did I feel.

thanks alot


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