Problem after spinny ball touches net

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Last updated 7 years ago

Long Regain

Long Regain Asked 7 years ago

Hi coach!

After they blocked my loop, it went to the top of the net and came to my table. when I touched it, because it has lots of topspin so it went out. so what should I do when the ball has topspin or underspin or sidespin goes to net and bounces to my table what is the best way to return that ball.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Long,

The topspin that hits the net always then feels like it has more topspin.  This is because the ball has slowed down and so the topspin compared to the forward momentum has increased.  The topspin hasn’t really increased.  When this happens, focus on hitting down on the ball more than you would think you need to.

The backspin ball is a bit different.  It will stop quickly because the net slows it down and then the backspin really stops the ball.  Sidespin it doesn’t change too much.

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