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Damon S

Damon S Asked 4 years ago

We have a table set up at my office, but the flooring is not very good for table tennis and I've noticed it really affects my footwork. It's carpet on one side and there's a hardwood walkway on the other side, but the hardwood is really grippy, not like the hardwood gym floors that I would play on normally. I find a lot of the subtle shuffle step movements that I normally do to get into position don't work because my feet stick and I get caught out of position or off balance. Do you have any advice for playing in conditions like this?

My normal style is a close to the table, forehand dominant, attacking style. Some thoughts I had were to try to keep my style, but try to be more aggressive with my footwork. This sort of works, but it wears me out very quickly fighting the floor and I think it has more potential for injury. Should I try to change my style for this situation, like maybe play off the table more to have more time to move into position? Or should I avoid drifting too far from my main strategy just for a special situation? Thanks for your help!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Damon,

Focus on making a little jump with your movement rather than a sliding action.  This is a better movement pattern.  With the little jump you will be able to move faster and the grippy flooring won't be an issue.

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