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Last updated 14 years ago

Brett Unknown

Brett Unknown Asked 14 years ago

When playing doubles, can anyone hit the ball or do you need to take turns?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 14 years ago

Hi Brett,

When playing doubles you need to take turns hitting the ball.This means that you will be hitting to the same person for the length of each set or game. When the set is over, you switch the order so that you will then be hitting to the other of your opponents. Alois has written a great blog about doubles - Playing Doubles and we also go into some detail about the rules for doubles in our free online lesson - A summary of the most important Table Tennis Rules

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Jonn Jonn

Jonn Jonn Posted 14 years ago

some advice when playing doubles, you have to be very quick and light on your feet. its best to have it so once you hit the ball, you back up and go behind the other player, and just always constantly be moving.


you dont knwo what side they are going to be hitting the ball at so you always have to be ready and make sure that your partner doesnt get in your way. after you play a couple games like that, you will be used to it and catch on fast.

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