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Duncan Camilleri

Duncan Camilleri Asked 10 years ago


First I'll start with the Arggghhh!!

Ok, I've just started play in a league this last 10 months (after 13years of non playing) and noticed the prevolance of defensive players. By defensive I mean backspin push where the bat is near horizontal. The shot that keeps uber low. Last night I had the ignomy of losing a game to a guy who, I swear, never played an 'atacking' shot. Every shot was the above mentioned backspin push. I tried matching his shot with little success. I tried countering it with even less success and I was wondering what the strategies are. Is it just a case of practice practice practice topspin counters as mine either went long or into the net. Do I physically have to impart more spin on the ball than he imparts to get control?

I'm naturally an attacking player who will have good rallies/games with attacking players and will always tend to do well but this guy last night got me so frustrated my dummy almost came



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Duncan,

Frustrated???  I hear your pain.

Playing defensive players is a skill like many others.  I think the first thing is to think of them as real players...  Sorry to all those defenders out there... my mother is one...

The main strokes you need to develop are the Forehand Loop Off Backspin and your Forehand Push and Backhand Push.  Against defence it is a matter of seeing the small variations in the amount of spin they are imparting.  From their point of view that variation is a skill that they have developed... primarily to frustrate us poor defenders.  So the first thing is to learn the strokes and then it is a matter of playing against defenders more often to learn to recognise those variations.

Here is a blog that we have on the topic of tactics against defenders. Playing against Defenders

Hope this all helps.  If not take a few pain killers and have a lie down on the couch.  It will all go away.


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