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Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Asked 5 years ago

Hi guys.  Are the tactics for playing against dead rubbers the same as for anti-spin, or is it more a matter of much less spin rather than 'reversed' spin? 

It can be difficult to tell how much or little spin these rubbers are generating and the opponent's stroke really doesn't help - they can look like they put a little spin on it or a lot but the ball spins the same amount either way.

What's the best way to spot the spin and avoid costly errors?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Rohan,

It depends on how 'Dead' the rubber is.  If it has no friction at all then it is an anti spin rubber.  Some rubbers will have lost most of their grip but will still have some grip.  If it has some grip then they will be able to generate some spin of their own depending on the action of their stroke and the contact on the ball.

Seeing the spin is a tricky business.  You can tell by things such as the sounds of the contact, the flight of the ball and the bounce on your side of the table.  They are all things that you learn from experience and in particular experience during the time playing with that particular player.

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