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Last updated 5 years ago

Wayne Sy

Wayne Sy Asked 10 years ago

Hello there coach, I wanted to ask you if how do I play against anti-spin rubbers. I've been having a lot of trouble in this, thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Wayne,

The main thing is that the anti-spin can't produce it's own spin.  Also when you put spin on the ball to the anti-spin it will come back with the opposite spin.  So if you topspin to it, then it will come back to you with backspin and vice versa.

We will be covering this in our Match Strategy lessons coming soon. 

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Posted 10 years ago

Interesting question. I knew the anti spin rubber did this, but because it doesnt have pimples, I dont know how? It looks like any other rubber!

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 10 years ago

it is because the surface of anti-spin rubber is completely smooth with no grip at all, the ball goes back spinning the same way as it was.

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Posted 10 years ago

Thanks for answering that one for me. I'm not a fan of pimples and anti spin rubbers, I think the game should be an even playing field, skill vs skill, not skill and rubber vs skill and rubber

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone Posted 9 years ago

I agree ^^

Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Posted 9 years ago

So, if we topspin against the anti-spin, it means that it'll return with backspin and if i keep topspining it, it'll be more backspin on it right ? If i put backspin on it, it will be topspin to me but i can't attack it i think there're two best ways for me 1. Attacking with flat contact just like smash or flick 2. Topspin (once or twice), then chop/push the ball, then topspin again the other way for me is to put sidespin but i think it's risky for the serve, i think the best way is to just put backspin with different speed and spin or the other way is a fast no spin serve and for the return of serve, i just like to flick or smash it with flat contact or topspin it if the ball is long and hard to smash as it don't have any spin on the serve and remember, the anti-spin rubber can smash every ball with every spin this will be tricky but i think it's easier than the player with inverted rubber so the key is the anti-spin don't have any grip and can't generate any spin just like when you hit the ball at the wall. The topspin will be backspin, the backspin will be backspin, and also the sidespin will turn to the other way and just keep attacking but also don't forget to put backspin so you can attack for the next ball rather than just topspin and topspin as it'll make you need to lift more and will be very hard and also change the direction, to the forehand, middle line, and backhand and also make it deep as most of anti-spin rubber is always to block and rarely move backward and make them hard to smash with the fast and deep ball as the anti-spin rubber can smash every ball that's my tips, what do you think everyone ?

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone Posted 9 years ago


Martin Coronel

Martin Coronel Posted 8 years ago

aha push it to the side where the anti spin rubber is then i will be topspin right so you can counterhit it easily or if the ball goes long you can have a wide swing at the ball so that is how

Oscar Moe Myint

Oscar Moe Myint Posted 8 years ago

thanks Frendy Halim  explanation.I like it.


Craig Burton

Craig Burton Posted 7 years ago

Mr. Halim nailed it. I use anti-spin, and the most difficult opponents for me are the opponents who serve fast deep dead balls and then flat hit. Another effective strategy is to serve mild topspin and either loop hard if the opportunity is there, or just roll the ball so it will again be returned with light chop. You never have to change this pattern, there isn't an adjust the anti-spin player can make except twiddle or step back and chop.

Two things you don't want to do regularly: 1. loop, and if it is blocked then loop faster. The spin can get unpredictably wicked if you continue the pattern. 2. loop, and if it is returned push the next ball. This works occasionally, but it is easy to hit chop with anti-spin because it turns to topspin, and the anti-attack looks to many eyes to be heavy topspin when in fact it is slow and mild topspin. It's often returned into the net.


Manfred Posted 5 years ago

Hi coach,

Yesterday i had to play against antispin. Bevore i started all the pinkskill lessons, i knew only a few things about the tactic against anti. 

But know i can say, i won this game because i saw all your videos from the "match strategie" serie. 
The first set i losed 1:11. The reason was not at least, because i had to think to much. But it gets better and better.... 7:11 in the second set. 11:1; 11:8 and 11:6 in the next sets. 
I'm very happy with this. 
Thanks for your support

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Ah brilliant Manfred!  Well done...

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