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Ryan Wong

Ryan Wong Asked 6 years ago

Dear Alois/Jeff,

I constantly challenge players who keep hitting the ball in different directions, which is particularly frustrating as they use their backhand to do this all the time. I can beat them, but is there a tip or trick you can share to exploit this weakness?

Thanks for helping.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Ryan,

One thing to think about is hitting more to the middle of the table initial in the rally so that they can't get the angles as easily.

The other thing is to increase the speed of your shots so that they don't have as much time to control where the ball is going.

Then you can think about some variation of pace once you have them on the back foot.

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Thoughts on this question

Johan B

Johan B Posted 6 years ago

Move them further and further to the forehand, then go to their wide backhand, maybe!

Nicolas Matthew

Nicolas Matthew Posted 6 years ago

Try attacking the ball when they serve (don't force yourself if the serve is short and has a heavy backspin). Try to take control of the ball in the opening attack. Putting the ball in their wide backhand or on their blind spot where hitting with both backhand and forehand is awkward and uncomfortable. Opening attack needs pace, and if you fail and refer to pushing or lifting the ball shot try to keep your self in the middle slightly to your backhand side because most people find it easier hitting wide ball in their forehand. One really important point is attacking short ball when they are close to the table to their body. See if this helps :)

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