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Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Asked 5 years ago

I just played my first tournament and I won it. There were alot of skilled players there. Many was really offensive so choping/doing underspin was the best solution that I want to share. Because many of those attacking players failed into the net. I also wonder if it is a good idea to eat nuts between the games. I won this because PingSkills and my club are really good trainers. 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Dima,

Well done! and thanks for the kind words.

Eating good high energy foods are the best idea during a tournament.  I like things like fruit buns to get good energy in.  Also make sure you are drinking water during the day.

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Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Posted 5 years ago



Jordan Armogum

Jordan Armogum Posted 5 years ago

What kind of nuts did you eat. Cashews are the best.

Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Posted 5 years ago

Intresting Jordan! I Actually don't know which kind they were.


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