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Martin Elliget

Martin Elliget Asked 9 years ago

Hi guys. The Vault is a great idea. New seasons are just starting at the two clubs I play with, so I'm going to try using the Vault and add in opponents before I play them to prepare. I'm also going to try it with opponents that I only come up against in tournaments, every month or so.

It occurred to me that, depending on the PingSkills membership, there may be others using the Vault with some of the same opponents as me (perhaps more likely with my tournament opponents rather than my pennant ones). In that scenario, it would be interesting to review others' notes on the strengths, weaknesses and strategies for those opponents. Not quite sure how that could be implemented though. The default setting for opponents could be private. When set to public, if someone else enters the same opponent, both users can compare notes. Confirming opponents are actually the same person might be tricky though.

Thanks for the tool!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Martin,

Pleased that you like the Vault.  We think it is a great tool as well.

You have an interesting idea of sharing information.  It may be tricky matching up opponents though.

Let's see what others think.

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