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ashraf kubbara

ashraf kubbara Asked 10 years ago

I have Amultart blade with Tenergy Ox 5 on both backhand and forehand.

Last thursday i had a competition over 60 ys of age,i am already 61 fit and a former champ in egypt,1966 and 1968.

All my competitors were using pimpled bats,some on both sides ,others only in back side.

They hide the bat under the table and twiddle.? What is the deal.

i was defeated though much better in tt and fitness.  The ball comes with much spin and dead on the table no bounce. I do not like pimpled bats as i enjoy the play.

pls.give me some tips as to how i can play against pimpled bats.?


dr.ashraf kubbara

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Ashraf,

It is good to hear your story.  I can hear your frustration.  The most important thing is to try to work out the effects of the pimples.

The pimples reverse the spin on the ball.  If you push the ball it will come back with topspin and vice versa.  The good news is that you can determine what spin you get by what spin you put on the ball yourself.  Once you get the feeling of the different effects of the pimples you will start to get more comfortable and be able to deal with it.  Try to play against it as much as possible and you will get there.

Also watch the lesson we have on the Effects of Rubbers.

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