Perfect 10 serves plan along with spin speed and placement

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Sameera P K

Sameera P K Asked 3 years ago

Hii Alois ,

It would really be helpful if u can give me a list of 10 serves and what serve to do at what point of time under what situation.
Of course i hear from you that vary your serves with spin speed and placement but I am not feeling confident and also not able to predict in which direction my opponent will return it .So i get caught and lose the point even though I vary the serves.

I need to able to clearly figure out in which direction my opponent would return the serve if I am planning to do a serve

for example if i do a short pendulum to my opponents forehand side he will return it short .But the rally would continue.
I actually want to puzzle my opponent by making him go out of position so that it will be easy for me to attack the next ball.

So i would like you to please give me a list something like this :

name of the serve, where to place, what advantage it has for you 
for example: wide short pendulum opponent will return short but he will out of posiiton then u can attack tomahawk to backhand punch serve cross court to forehand  

something like this please it will be really helpful for me 

With regards

Sameera PK

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Sameera,

This is not a list that is possible.

Each player and each opponent react differently after each serve.  It is important that you are watching what your opponent is doing.  It may be a subtle change in their body position that will give you the clue as to where to serve and the type of serve to do next.

You also need to take into account how they have returned the previous serve.

The direction that your opponent will return the ball depends on their level of competence.  If they are a complete beginner you may be able to get them to return it to a particular position.  However, that in not something that you are looking for at the next level.  You are looking for ore of the subtle advantages you get from executing a good serve and creating uncertainty by selecting a serve that your opponent doesn't like.

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