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J K Asked 2 years ago


I had some questions about how to do the penhold tomahawk serve. 

I am fairly new to table tennis, and have never played in any competitions. However, I do like to play against my friends, and enjoy it a lot. I found your videos a little while ago, and they have helped me a ton. I love that you guys have set up this site, it is so helpful. In one of your videos, the one about how to do the penhold tomahawk serve, I saw the serve and immediately wanted to learn it (the sidespin version). I had a problem though, because whenever I tried to do the serve, I would end up hitting the ball very high because of the angle, or it would have no force at all and merely bounce slowly into the net. It seemed very difficult to get it to look like it was shown in the video, and I have had very little sucess with it (even though it is a great video). Is the problem in the angle of my racket? I didn't see anything in the video about this and was hoping you could help me out. Thanks!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi James,

Try hitting the ball from lower. Let the ball drop further before making contact.

You can change the angle of your racket to get different spins.  Start with it straight up and down to get side spin and then you can change the angle depending on what you are after.

Hitting the ball from lower should fix the issue of the higher bounce.

Glad you like the site.

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