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Jim Yu

Jim Yu Asked 5 years ago

Hi Coach,

I am a penholder and I can push or flick with my backhand. I can also using Japanese style backhand for fast low balls. However, I found it frustrating to play against a better payer who feed slow high ball to my backhand. It is cumbersome to smash with backhand. If I get into position and hit hard with my forehand he will always return a fastball to the far right corner and I lose the point.. If I stay at the normal position he will continue feed to my left and I feel awkward. What is the best way to return a high ball on your left hand for a penholder. What strategy you suggest against this player?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Jim,

The best thing is to take the ball earlier before it gets up too high. Move in closer to the table and place the ball well.

If you do want to step around and use your forehand just think more about placement and speed.  If you place the ball well you will make it harder for them to return it effectively.  If you can get around quickly enough you will also be able to hit the ball hard like a smash or a fast topspin and again make it difficult for them.

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Tim Sodelund

Tim Sodelund Posted 5 years ago

You suold attack with your backhand and now your saying: how to do it, its impossible or is it?

For this stroke you have to prctice alot before useing it in a match but it is very effective if you dont use your rpb.

How to do it:

  1. Hold the traditional chinese penhold with your fingers stacked on each other.
  2. Hold your bat loosely.
  3. Move your hand fast forward and contact the ball at the highest point of its bounce.
  4. The ball will fly very fast and catch your opponent of guard.

Its like a japanese backhand but it dosent take that much time to do and is faster. This is what i think is the best way to handle this kind of problem, hope it helps

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