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Bjarni Theodorsson

Bjarni Theodorsson Asked 9 years ago

hello i,m wondering if you could teach me the main steps of the pendulum serve. i've been trying to master the serve but still i'm not getting the swerve right.

thanks, BT

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi BT,

You need to adjust your grip firstly to allow your wrist more freedom by relaxing the grip of the last 3 fingers.  Then stand side on to the table and start with your upper arm up high.  Then use the lower part of your arm as a pendulum to come down and strike the ball with a brushing action.

This is covered in great detail in our Serving Secrets Revealed DVD.  This will provide you with a great amount of information for a whole range of serves. 

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Bjarni Theodorsson

Bjarni Theodorsson Posted 9 years ago

all right thanks.

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