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ilhan çelik

ilhan çelik Asked 5 years ago


A Player is warned with Yellow card in a game. At the end of the match the same Player kicked the table and the umpire showed the Yellow and red cards together.

Does the number of penalty carry over to the next individiual match of the same Player in team match.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Ilhan,

I had to go to the source of all our tricky rules information, Graeme Ireland.

His comment is that "penalty points don't carry over from match to match in a team match, just games within an individual match. Only the cards carry forward."

This is the relevant rule:

17.3.4   In a team match, warnings and penalties are carried over to subsequent individual matches. A doubles pair is regarded as having incurred the higher of any warnings or penalties incurred by either of the players; thus if one has been warned in a previous match and the other had incurred 1 penalty point, a first offence by either of them in the doubles match would incur 2 penalty points. A warning or penalty during a doubles match applies to the pair during that match, but only the offending player will carry it over to a subsequent individual match.


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