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Michal Michal

Michal Michal Asked 6 years ago


I was talking with a friend of mine about table tennis equipment and during the conversation I said something about feeling and control. I said that these are different parameters, unfortunately I don't know how to explain that they differ.

He claims that feeling and control are the same, but you change control by changing rubbers, and you change feeling by changing the blade. 

How do you think it is? Do you think these parameters are synonyms?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Michal,

I think they are similar if not the same.  I think the blade can give you better feeling too however most of all of this comes from more hitting and developing the skills.

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Mark Jung

Mark Jung Posted 6 years ago

They are different I think. Feeling is how much information you get from the contact, control is, well, how much you can control the ball. Good feeling often translates to good control because you it gives you more information on how your stroke was, which makes is easier to adjust. However, there are possible exceptions. If you have OX long pips that are really really deceptive, for example, you will have great feeling, but the ball will still somewhat do it's own thing. Alternately, if you were playing with a huge piece of foam, you would have little to no feeling, but great control because of the absurd dwell time.

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