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Harry Brayshaw

Harry Brayshaw Asked 8 years ago

When I am winning a game in local A grade Comp my backhand smashes work very well (backhand is my strongest points winner) but often if game is tight towards the end I often smash too long with backhand.

I know that pressure could be the reason but I think it could be that I rush in & hit the ball too early causing the over hit. I sometimes correct the rushing & I seem to get more smashes in but in the midst of a tight finish I think I rush the point & reach forward to hit the ball, it all happens very quickly so would value any advice you can give. 

regards, Harry

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Harry,

It is probably a bit of tightening up that does it.  When you tighten, your wrist and arm lack the smooth movement that you have when swinging during training.

Focus on these feelings and see if you can maintaing the relaxation there in the tighter situations.

Something that you could focus on is playing with more topspin on the shot.

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Harry Brayshaw

Harry Brayshaw Posted 8 years ago

Thanks for the quick answer,

Yes, I think I will concentrate on being a bit looser & accept being a bit tight in close matches, as you said a bit more top spin than normal might compensate a bit for the tightness in wrist & arm.

regards, Harry

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