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praveen jaya

praveen jaya Asked 9 years ago

I lost the crucial match in the trials for world university games.  Though one country can send 5 players mine send only 2, and I was placed 3rd.

In the deciding match my opponent's backhand was a medium pimpled rubber.  My backhand is also a short pimpled rubber.  But when I push to her push ball started going high and she started smashing.  And she served long to my backhand and I when I chopped it she was able to drop the ball unexpectingly short.  I couldn't adjust to her pimple rubber that my topspins and my smashes started going out of the table.

What should be done in this sort of a match situation?  What should I do to to overcome this bad loss as I had huge expectations for participating at this tournament and now I feel disappointed.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Praveen,

This sounds like a tricky match with the medium and the short pimples.  When you push to the medium pimples it acts similarly to the long pimples and will reverse the spin. This means that when you are pushing to it, the ball will come back with a little topspin.  That next ball is the one you need to attack rather than push.  If you push, as you found out, the ball will go high.

Use this as a learning experience.  It may take a little time to get over it but, you have now learned something that you didn't know before.  There will be more opportunities in your career.  Every player who has reached a high level, has had many disappointments like this.  Keep working hard and your improvement and rewards will come.

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