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Alex Nikitin

Alex Nikitin Asked 5 years ago

Hello Alois and Jeff,

I'm playing in Chop-block twiddler style and periodically chops in 3rd zone. 

I using OFF- blade with LP OX on backhand and Hurrican 3 on forehand.

I have good forehand topspin but not good backhand topspin.

I have good chop-blocks and  "ok" chops on backhand. But I have no very good reaction to do chop-blocks on very quick topspins on table so I must chop them in far.

My favorite players: Fabian Akerstrom(SWE) , Ronel Davidov (Israel) and Gustaf Ericson(SWE)

I trying to modify your 52week training plan for my needs. 

Most drills working well for me since I need practice to twiddle bat.

Also I have few drills as classic chopper (and your video footwork for defenders )

But I looking for drills and how to incorporate it into long term plan as chop-block style player.

Do you have any recommendations how to improve my playing level?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Alex,

When you see in the training drills for a backhand you can use the long pimple block or chop in these situations.  You don't have to twiddle.  It will mean that your training partner will need to adjust their stroke but if your partner is capable then this is what you should do.

Using this style is a nice way to play.  Keep working on the backhand close to the table block and the chop when further away.

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