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Geoff  Garrett

Geoff Garrett Asked 5 months ago

Hi team – I am finding it difficult to convert what I learn, and can do, in practice to a competitive game situation, especially where Rating Points are on the line. I seem to be two different players…

No doubt relatedly, I really enjoy practice, and indeed games where there’s nothing on the line, but often finding myself not enjoying competition at all. 




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 months ago

Hi Geoff,

Enjoying the contest is a key but not always easy to achieve.

Perhaps it can be a shift for you in focus for the competitions.  Think about playing well rather than the result of the competition.  Think about what you can learn and also about wanting your opponent to perform well so that it becomes a greater challenge for you.

As I said this is not an easy concept to make changes with but keep working on this area.  It is an extremely important part of you moving forward with your game.

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