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Sachin Bhoi

Sachin Bhoi Asked 6 years ago

I started playing about a year and half ago. Previously I used to concentrate much about technique, body movement all these during a game and I was caring less about wining while playing practice matches. I would loose but I would like to make perfect stoke. But after loosing so many times from bad players also, my mentality is starting to change, Now I am feeling like I have to win, I can't loose. And with this mentality I am playing at a less level at the end of the game because I don't want to make any easy mistake. Can you put some thought on how I should be my mentality so that I can play at same level during all points. 

Another question,  When I train I think about technique a lot, but when I play for point, I don't think at all I just watch the ball. Am I doing it correct or need any improvement ??

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Sachin,

It is important to treat each point equally importantly.  Try to develop a routine before each point so that your body also feels like it is playing the same point over and over again.

In closer situations everyone feels a little different so understand that is going to happen and then find ways of dealing with it.  A deep breath in these situations can often help, if you then focus back on the tactics that you need to use for the next point.

Eventually it is good to just be able to focus on watching the ball during the rally an din between the points think about your tactics for the next point.

We have a section on Sports Psychology that you should take a look through as well.

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Sachin Bhoi

Sachin Bhoi Posted 6 years ago

oh that's why most player do something. Like ma long touches the table. I will try something Thanks coach

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