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Aasim Showkat

Aasim Showkat Asked 10 years ago

hi coach.......Whenever I gain a huge lead against a high level Player than me, I get very nervous, and then my points constantly began to fall and I began to lose the match....Sir, you got any Idea about this problem?

And I thank you very much, because I learned your short serving is very ausm

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Aasim,

This is a really common thing.  It is really natural to become nervous in this situation.

When you start to recognise that this is happening take a few seconds.  Take a deep breath and then think about what you need to do for the next point.  If you are serving, think about what serve will trouble your opponent and give you an opportunity.  If you are returning, think about the direction you will play or the type of return if they serve short or if they serve long.

This will return you to the process that is required rather than worrying about the situation.

It is great that you have improved your short serving.

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Aasim Showkat

Aasim Showkat Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Coach...I will try it, whenever this situation occurs.......

I am learning long serving technique this time, but ball does not go into right place, as you do in the video...

I watched a video of yours ( , I liked your funny serve, but it is difficult to do...

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