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Rory Goulding

Rory Goulding Asked 7 years ago

hi Alois and Jeff,

i recently built a long pips racket for the purpose of training against.

As no one in our small club uses long pips, but we come up against it when we play tournaments in larger cities I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I was wondering what you suggest for looping the chop that comes back.

We do a few drills.


1. I serve under spin to the pips, he pushes, I drive the ball as its low spin, he chops and then I loop.

we both chop and  loop until the point ends.

2. I serve topspin and he pushes, I loop, he chops. Then same as before.

due to the build up of spin I can not loop past the 3rd or 4th chop.

i have a decent loop, I drive hard with my legs, often doing a little hop at the end of the loop for the second and third loop.

now I know I can just push after the second. Or third loop to reset, but I was hoping to keep looping until winning the point.

do you have any tips for looping this massive under spin?

is there something that I'm missing when I see the pros loop a long pips chop over and over, or is it just that they are simply that powerful?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Rory,

Firstly the drills that you are doing are good to improve your ability to play against long pips.

When trying to lop over and over against long pips you can make your stroke more vertical and or increase the speed of you swing.  You can also vary the amount of spin your put on your topspin.  So instead of resetting by playing a push, you can reset by playing a topspin with less spin on it.  The pros are good enough to keep topspinning the ball because of their power and technique.

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Rory Goulding

Rory Goulding Posted 7 years ago

Thanks, I never thought about hitting with less topspin to 'reset'.

I generally loop with a fair amount of topspin and even more so against long pips.

I'll start drilling that.

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