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Rodrigo Aromas

Rodrigo Aromas Asked 10 months ago

Hi Alois,

Please advice me how to play against an opponent who has identical equipment set up. I have long pips ox and short pips 1.5mm sponge. 

Thank you, 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 months ago

Hi Rodrigo,

Like with any opponent think about what are your strengths against that particular opponent.  Think about where you match up well.  Is your forehand stringer than theirs?  Are you better int he faster or slower rallies?

In general the long pimples against the long pimples can be interesting.  See if you are more consistent that your opponent on that side or whether you need to make the attack first to gain he advantage.

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D K Posted 10 months ago

Hello Rodrigo,
it is also important how do you and your opponent actually use the pips.
I am a long pimple chopper,and I occassionally get to play with a player who is an OX long pips "shoveler",meaning he uses an agressive vertical bat pushing and blocking almost exclusively. He rarely uses forehand at all.

When we clash pips to pips,we usually end up shovelling against each other,playing purely for consistency. We both aim for opponent's backhand,because I can loop against his play should he play at my forehand corner,but when I push to his forehand,he either moves there with his backhand and starts to play short and wide into my forehand,or,if it is high,he uses his rare forehand and rams the ball. From almost eight feet tall guy at point-blank range it is an assassination shot :D

Though,when I want to change something,we usually start using our strengths: I can vary strokes while he can vary placement. Thus I start to mix up some true chops while he usually responds by longpips attacking similar to what Jeff and Alois demonstrate in their video.
Or,he starts to drop the ball short. I can attack using my pips too,so sometimes we even have almost standard-like rally of 1-2 topspin and block.

I also use twiddling in times of need,though I am not sure how it would work in your case,since you do not use an inverted rubber on neither side.
You are almost hardbat player according to your setup,so I can say nothing more than Alois,who is more experienced than me.

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