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Filippo Rotunno

Filippo Rotunno Asked 7 months ago

Hi Alois I have not posed a question for quite a long time so forgive me if this one is a bit tricky.

I have switched to long pimples on the backhand for just a year and I am finally feeling quite comfortable

using them. All this until yesterday when I played against this formidable lady. She was serving fast to my body

body and any return was attacked with her forehand. The ball was so flat that my pimples could not

block the shot. She basically played with no spin and the result for me was very uncomfortable. 

I tried services short with backspin to her forehand but somehow she managed to return the ball with

a fast action and the ball was again flat. I tried fast to her backhand but she blocked it well and

 again my pimples had nothing to grip on. Sorry for the length. Please help me. Kind regards Filippo


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Filippo,

Always good to hear from you.

That is an awkward ball that she is giving you to the pimples.

I think it is a matter of getting used to the 'weight' of that ball.  You need to push the ball more forward or tilt your bat back more otherwise the ball will go straight into the net.

To prevent that ball think about keeping the ball longer on the table and low.  This will give you some more time.  Also try to use your rubber to add spin so that she needs to lift the ball and give you some spin to work with.


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