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Sasha Savic

Sasha Savic Asked 9 years ago

Hi, Alois

I have a great trouble with playing LP.

1. I have found in certain reviews that my rubber Stiga Destroyer 1,5 mm doesn't create wobbling effect. How is that possible? I have tried to create it when my opponents  served side spin, and there were nothing, just a flat ball. It didn't wobble. I hit it flat, but, it didn't work. Am I doing something wrong, maybe you can tell me the way how to do it correctly.

2. There is also a thing about return. Something you have written me about. Now, I manage to get the ball over the net, but, it becomes ordinary no spin ball, and many players topspin it before I have time to get away from table. So, I can't use my LP in the right way. How can I return the ball with different spin without giving my opponents an opportunity to attack?

3. I try to copy Joo Se Hyuk's style. It seems that he pushes every ball the same way you do with inverted rubber. Or is it? Can you clarify that for me? Thank you very much

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Sasha,

Playing with Long Pimples take a long time to master.  A lot of players think that it is an easy solution for players who can't play well.  Far from the truth.

Work on pushing the ball through flat to allow it to wobble off the sidespin serve.  Perhaps you are generating a bit of spin yourself that is stopping the wobble.  It is not an easy thing to do.

If they serve with backspin and you push the return you will find it will present them with an easy ball to attack.  Try to hit over the ball on these serves and force the pace of the ball to give them less time.  The backspin on the ball will convert to topspin off your pimples.  You can also experiment with different types of swings on this return to make it more difficult for your opponent to predict what is happening.

Joo Se Hyuk makes everything look easy but remember the years of training that has gone into his game to make it look that way.  He is getting the angle just right on those balls each time.

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TheLittleYellowBouncing Ball

TheLittleYellowBouncing Ball Posted 9 years ago

My experience tells me that the thicker the sponge the less the wobble effect. With such a thick sponge (comparatively for pimples) maybe more attack and faster shots from the pimple rubber side are in order.   

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